My friends told me I had to.

So I did.

Listened to Rebecca Black’s Friday


horrible song, horrible lyrics, but unfortunately, it is extremely…


stuck in my head.

fun fun fun fun.


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I heard my sister call.

I walked up two flights of stairs.

and stepped on a clump of hair.

yes, hair.

The first thing I noticed was she looked guilty.

and then I noticed she had chopped off half her barbie-perfect golden locks.

“Don’t you think it looks good?”

not that I like barbie or anything…

but she had that look down flat.

we were all convinced.


now it was more…



“Don’t you think it looks good?”

One side longer than the other.

a few strands weirdly short.



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Oh, my colon!

Hi, I’m K. This is my completely candid completely ambiguous place to just spew words onto paper.

I’m at home write now, listening to my sister cranking the music louder and louder upstairs. She’s on a guilt trip after she gained some weight last week, so now she’s become an exercise whore.

Is that even an expression?

Now she’s taking a shower, I can barely hear it over the music, I think its the fourth one today.

We just finished freaking out.

My brother was supposed to get off the bus.

but he didn’t get off the bus!

We panicked.

turns out he went to extended day by mistake.

hes a weird kid.

How do you zone out that much?

Just follow classmates to extended day… sure, this is normal.

He never goes to extended day.

but hes cute, so he makes up for it.

a cute zoner nerd. 🙂

“I dare you to move” just came on upstairs.


It reminds me of that awful month that I decided to try watching One Tree Hill.

It played during Nathan and Haley’s first dramatic kiss.


what was I thinking?

my dog keeps on licking my knee.

its awkward, cause now my jeans are soggy.

in a perfect circle.

on my knee.

she’s black and furry.

I feel like a two year old describing a rabbit.

oh well, no deleting.

delete. not.

If I was a superhacker, I would need a cool name related to computers.

like delete.

or shift.

or escape.

or colon.

oh wait, that’s lame.

thats a body part that old men complain about.

Oh my colon!


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